Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Children VBS

Traditional children VBS took place in our congregation on the last two weeks of June. Every summer school teachers prepare biblical program and different activities for kids. During those two weeks children study the Bible, pray, play, go to field trips. The program keeps them busy the whole day.

This year the biblical part was titled as “Meeting Jesus”. We have selected eight stories from the Gospels where different people come to the Lord. They are educated (Nicodemus) and simple (Gadarene possessed), man (Thomas) and woman (Canaanite woman), they might be respected (Martha and Mary) and rejected (Samaritan woman), they are rich (Zacchaeus) and poor (Bartimaeus). But all of them need to meet Jesus, all of them receive His gifts not because they are smart or suffered enough, but out of His grace and mercy. We wanted children to recognize themselves (to some extend) in these people. We wanted them to realize that Christ is “available” to us even more than to those man and woman – in His word, in His meal, in His church, in His good gifts of creation.

Besides biblical program, children attended different classes, like “funny physics”, “how to's for boys”, origami class and others. We played outside, went to the Zoo and to a few different field trips. So, we had good time during those two weeks.