Sunday, May 29, 2011

Easter charity fair

Easter charity fair became a tradition of our parish since 2004. After the service everybody go upstairs in the big room, where the sale is organized. During the Lent parishioners make different things by themselves for this fair. We explain to them that it is one of the ways to hold fast properly. The fast could not be only a diet, but we should devote ourselves to liturgy, Scripture, prayer and deeds of mercy. When we spend our time and money for preparing things for this sale, we give to needy people. Last few years collected money go to a hospital, where new-born babies left by their parents live.

At the fair we see each other from unexpected side. One turns to be a good cook, making delicious cupcakes or pirogi. Another one can make nice knitted dolls. The third one makes a beautiful photographs.

Last years we bought some equipment for that hospital (like heaters, air-sterilizing devices, baby cots and cribs etc.). This year the hospital administration asked us to buy cloth, shoes, diapers.

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