Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gifts to the abandoned children

In June we have visited Children city hospital and have brought the gifts there. Toys, sandals, disposable diapers, pencils etc. were bought for money collected at the Easter fair. This stuff we specially designated for babies without parents, who are treated or rehabilitated there. There are abandoned kids among them, that is, kids, who were left by their moms in maternity hospital. There are babies, whom mothers didn’t refuse, but cannot take care for them for now. There are babies who were taken away from problem families by welfare officers.

Natalia Leonova, the chief doctor of this hospital, told us that they had three-tear kids, who did not know, what is spoon, what is soup. Apparently, they were fed by inappropriate food at homes, so they could not eat soup at their threes.

Doctor Leonova (on the picture) explained why they asked us to buy those particular things: “Now the city is funding our hospital quite well. But still this budget does not include expenses on shoes, as kids supposed to be inside. But we want to take them outside, so that they can play at the playground, in sandbox. The same situation is with toys. They are not in the budget, but kids need to play and learn. Something is different with diapers. We can buy them for money designated for different sorts of medicine, but you understand, that medication is more important that diapers.”

Again it was a great pleasure to visit this hospital, to meet doctors, nurses, and volunteers helping to care for children and teaching them. It is obvious that all stuff care about babies, they want to create the best conditions for their treatment, rehabilitation, and living. And because they care, they are so grateful for any help. I’m glad to have a tradition of charity Easter fair in our parish. It is not just fun, or social time. We provide a real, though small, help. Children’s staying in the hospital becomes little bit better, funnier, more home-like due to equipment, toys, cloth and shoes we bring there. When I see kids there, it is clear that they are cared for very well. They smile, they play. It is very good that we can make the work of doctors, nurses, and volunteers easier. And also I’m glad that kids of our parish participate in the fair. They learn to care about neighbor (even if he or she is not so close to you), they learn to be selfless.

(For some legal reasons it is not possible to publish photos of children in the hospital. It’s a pity. They are cute.)

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